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International book and movie festival "Cinelibri"

Wednesday, 28/10/2020г.-Sunday, 08/11/2020г.
International book and movie festival "Cinelibri"

28th of October - 8th of November 2020
Festival and congress center Varna

Varna is one of the host cities of "Cinelibri". The 6th edition of the festival is under the  slogan "Cultivation of emotions".

Proven to be the world’s first international book&movie festival, CineLibri is an extraordinary annual event, inspired by the fruitful interaction of arts – cinema and literature, in particular. It is held every autumn, and shows the best examples of film adaptations based on significant literary works, both contemporary and classic. The festival is an extremely important, independent showcase for high-quality European film productions and co-productions.


  • 28th of October (Wednesday), 20:00hrs

"While at war" - Spain, 2019, 107 min., Drama
Language - Spanish, English, German; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 29th of October (Thursday), 19:00hrs

"Theties" - Italy, 2020, 100 min., Drama
Language - Italian; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 30th of October (Friday), 19:00hrs

"Summer of 85" - France, Belgium, 2020, 100 min., Drama
Language - French, English; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 31st of October (Saturday), 18:00hrs

"Stolen days" - Italy, 2019, 105 min., Drama
Language - Italian; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 1st of November (Sunday), 18:00hrs

"The bay of silence" - UK, 2020, 93 min., psychological thriller
Language - French, English, Italian; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 2nd of November, 20:00hrs

"Narziss and Goldmund" - Germany, 2020, 110 min., Drama
Language - German; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 3rd of November, 20:00hrs

"Stories of a Sofia bastard" - Bulgaria, 2008, 40 min.
Language - Bulgarian

  • 4th of November, 19:00hrs

"The father" - UK, 2020, 97 min., Drama
Language - English; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 5th of November, 20:00hrs

"A mermaid in Paris" - France, 2020, 102 min., comedy, fantasy, romance
Language - French; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 6th of November, 20:00hrs

"The last Vermeer" - USA, 2019, 117 min., Drama
Language - English; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 7th of November, 18:00hrs

"Berlin Alexanderplatz" -  Germany, 2020, 183 min., Drama
Language - English, German; Subtitles - Bulgarian

  • 8th of November, 18:00hrs

"Mama Weed" - France, 2020, 104 min., comedy, crime
Language - French; Subtitles - Bulgarian

Tickets: 8 BGN, 6BGN - students and seniors
Ticket points: Festival and congress center Varna
Tickets online: Festival and congress center Varna

CineLibri encompasses official selection of competing films, parallel programme of films out of competition and a number of educational events, literary presentations, various panel discussions, workshops, masterclasses etc.

Official Selection in competition or the main program of the festival consists of talented literary adaptations for the big screen released during the last year or two. This section includes the nominations for best feature films based on books and completed during the last 2 years. All the selected titles in competition are national premieres. They are presented in prestigious movie theatres and art venues in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and other Bulgarian cities together with the literary works which had inspired the filmmakers.

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