International festival of poetry “Slavic embrace”

Friday, 20/05/2022г.-Wednesday, 25/05/2022г.
International festival of poetry “Slavic embrace”

This is an international project and its start is positioned in Varna in 2007. In the same year is established the Slavic Literary and Artistic Academy as well, which  has today affiliates in all 11 slavic countries , also in 5 other european countries. A main object of the forum is rapprochement of the cultural values on the basis of the ancient common language and the cultural heritage of the slavic people.

In Varna are awarded the international prizes “Flying feather” and “Atlant of the slavdom”. Festivals like this one are organized in Warsaw, Moskow, Riga, Belgrad and others. They include roundtables, concert programs, author readings, chamber theater productions, exhibitions of translated and published books, exchange between leading art releases in the slavic world. The International Festival of the Poetry takes place annually featuring authors from the most slavic countries – Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia.

Venue: Radio Varna, City Art Gallery "B.Georgiev"
Organiser: Slavic Literary and Artistic Academy
Contact: Elka Nyagolova - tel.:+359 52 602 014; +359 888 840 106; e-mail:

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