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The Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship

The Park-Memorial dedicated to Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship was initially designed as a monument to Soviet Army. It was built on Crane Hill (in the northern¬most part of Varna), at a height of 110 m. That is the biggest monument in the whole Varna area - its height is 23 m., and its width - 48 m. The structure comprises two dynamic forms got together, built as an open composition. Varna sculptors Alyosha Kafedzhiiski and Eugene Barumov worked out the colossal figures of 4 soldiers for the north, and 3 women - for the south wing. From the base of the hill - to its top, there leads a staircase of 301 steps - the so-called Staircase of Victory. The number of its steps, together with the steps along the park alleys, exceeds 2,400. At the base of the hill, the begin¬ning of the staircase is flanked by a 22-meter-high memorial wall. The inscriptions, bronze-engraved, tell about
the historic ties between Bulgarian and Russian peo¬ples from 1774 to 1994. The Park-Memo¬rial was solemnly inaugurated on November 13, 1978.

GPS: 43.219003, 27.948977

забележителноститена Варна

Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna

Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna

In 2016 a new "Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna" with area of 2.7 ha was set apart. In partnership between the...
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