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“Chasovnika” outdoor market (“The Clock Tower” market)

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"Odessos" region
Varna, between “Russe” and “Kavala” streets

Farmers market, Festival and congress center Varna

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"Odessos" region
2 "Slivnitca" Blvd.

Farmer's market, Grand Mall Varna

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"Mladost" district
2 Andrei Sakharov Street

Farmers market, "Primorski" shopping center

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k.k. "St. St. Constantine and Helena"
St. St. Constantine and Helena resort

"Odessos" region
Varna, between “Dr. Piskyuliev” and “Angel Kanchev” streets

“Chataldzha” outdoor market

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"Primorski" district
Varna, between “Chataldzha” Blivd. and “Tsar Assen”, “Pech” and “Voinishka” streets

„Central“ outdoor market

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"Odessos" region
Varna, between “Dr. Piskyuliev”, “Drin” and “Angel Kanchev” streets

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