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Proto-Bulgarian Settlement "Phanagoria”

Along with the many modern Black Sea resorts, tourists can now go 15 centuries back in time, and visit one of the most ancient Old Bulgarian capitals. For this purpose you do not need a time machine, but simply go to Varna, and visit the unprecedented for Bulgaria historical-ethnographic outdoor museum called “Proto-Bulgarian Settlement Phanagoria”. You will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of the 6th century proto-Bulgarian capital, you will experience unforgettable moments, and get a glimpse of the early days of the centuries-old Bulgarian history.
Phanagoria was a town dating from 543 years BC, founded by Teian colonists from Asia Minor. The city took its name after one of its founders- Phanagoras and it was supposedly the capital of Volga Bulgaria. Some historians tend to disagree with this statement, however, the town’s importance to our cultural heritage is undeniable.
The complex is surrounded by an authentic fortified wooden wall and watchtowers. Once you enter the camp, you will be able to see well-equipped yurts and craftsman workshops, and the quaint atmosphere is recreated to the last detail- from the settlers’ costumes to household objects and furniture. Tourist guides will be available for the more inquiring visitors, and tourists can experience the unforgettable adventure of bow shooting or observe recreated battle scenes, proto-Bulgarian religious rituals and horse performances.
A second stage of the complex is due to be built for optimum authenticity of the first 8th century Bulgarian capital.

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