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"New horizons of prehistory" - exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Varna's Chalcolithic Necropolis

18.05 - 24.12.2022 Varna Museum of Archaeology, Hall "South" Opening - 18th ...
Wednesday, 18/05/2022г.-Sunday, 24/12/2022г.
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Black Sea highlights, top events in Varna and Burgas

Top events in Varna 2022 "New horizons of prehistory" - exhibition on the...
Wednesday, 18/05/2022г.-Sunday, 24/12/2022г.
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Opera at the Summer Theatre, Varna 2022

11th of June - 25th of August 2022 Summer Theatre, Varna Programme 2022: ...
Sunday, 11/06/2022г.-Thursday, 25/08/2022г.
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"Exit" - painting exhibition of Atanas Hranov

16th of June - 12th of July 2022 Le Papillon art gallery /12 "Dragoman" str./ Opening -...
Thursday, 16/06/2022г.-Tuesday, 12/07/2022г.
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96th International Music Festival “Varna summer”

Programme 2022 25th of June, 20:00hrs - Official opening Varna state opera 27...
Sunday, 25/06/2022г.-Sunday, 08/10/2022г.
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Concerts on "Rakovina" open-air stage

Performances by choral, folk, instrumental, pop and jazz ensembles and bands. -------------...
Friday, 01/07/2022г.-Sunday, 31/07/2022г.
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European Handball Championship for youth up to 20 years old

01st of July - 11th of July 2022 14th of July- 24th of July 2022 Palace of Culture and Spor...
Friday, 01/07/2022г.-Sunday, 24/07/2022г.
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IMF "Varna Summer" - French Modernism

04th-06th of July 2022 City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" Module: Internation...
Monday, 04/07/2022г.-Wednesday, 06/07/2022г.
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IMF "Varna Summer" - International Symposium - Concert 3

06th of July 2022, 19:00hrs City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" Module: Intern...
Wednesday, 06/07/2022г.
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How much you know about France - quiz

06.07.2022 19h00 Europe Direct information center (Building of The Social Tea House). L...
Wednesday, 06/07/2022г.
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Romeo and Juliet - opera (premiere)

07th of July 2022, 21:00hrs Summer Theatre Varna Opera by Charles Gounod Conductor Sv...
Thursday, 07/07/2022г.
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IMF "Varna Summer" - Masterclasses with Vivi Vassileva and Luis Campara and concert

08th - 10th of July 2022 City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev",  National School o...
Friday, 08/07/2022г.-Sunday, 10/07/2022г.
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