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Terms of use

Terms of use for the website

§ 1. General Information

1.1. The information published on this website is only informative. Anyone who wishes to obtain binding information should contact the registered establishment directly.
1.2. is not responsible for any errors or damages caused to users by the incorrect behavior of others, promoting facilities and services online.
1.3. is maintained and administered by the team of Tourist Information Centre which is part of "Tourism" Directorate in Varna Municipality. Parallelly, there is a website which is the official website of Varna Municipality. 

§ 2. Copyrights and trademarks

2.1. All content on, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, and software is owned by Varna Municipality and is protected by the Bulgarian and international copyright and other intellectual property laws.
2.2. Any unauthorized use of the content and / or software, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission and republication is strictly prohibited.

§ 3. Hyper links

3.1. Varna Municipality is not responsible for the content of other sites to which connect by hyperactive links (hyper textual), tourist offers and other promotional content.
3.2. Varna Municipality is not responsible for the content of the information (images, pictures, texts, documents, etc.) which is provided by a registered user.
3.3. can modify and update these terms and conditions without notice and assumes no responsibility for informing the users about any changes in the general conditions.
3.4. Varna Мunicipality is entitled to compensation for all damages, costs and claims by third parties which result from a breach of these terms and conditions and / or unauthorized use of the site.

забележителноститена Варна

Stone Forest

Stone Forest

Natural phenomenon “Stone Forest” is better known with its Bulgarian name “Pobiti kamani” which could be translated as “stones beaten into the...
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