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Nature & Culture

One thing is clear: Bulgaria has many different faces. 
So you think you’ve discovered Varna? Perhaps you’ve taken selfies in front of the Cathedral, been to see the oldest processed gold in the world and enjoyed the walk in the Sea garden.
Then it’s time for something different. Get out and explore the region of Varna and the Bulgarian Black sea coast - different stories, undiscovered places and a side of Bulgaria you’ve never seen before!

There are some ideas for trips around Varna.

For wine lovers

The region of Varna is favourable for growing white varieties of grapes such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Traminer and Varna Muscatel. 

Back to history

There is so much to see in Bulgaria. It is a country so diverse and rich in interesting sights that one life is not enough to see it all. There are hundreds of historical places – you will travel through time and go back to glorious history.

Discover the nature

We are always fascinated by nature. It seems like life is easier while we are overlooking the sea or having a walk through the forest, or simply watching the Sun goes down.
There are so many natural sights around Varna. Here are you will find only few of them.
Discover nature and wildlife on this nature adventure.

A different experience

Why don’t you visit a museum in an operating glass factory and create your own glass souvenir?
Or you could visit a submarine. Get inside and feel like you travel underwater. Here is one unusual day trip near Varna:

Walking trails around Varna

If you ever wanted to go amidst nature may be these walking trails will be perfect for your needs. Not far from Varna, in a nature park, you will find a gateway packed with beautiful sceneries.  

Sights in Varna

Small (south) Roman Thermae (3rd and 6th century AD)

Small Roman Thermae are located in the southeastern part of today’s Varna, further south of the Large Roman Thermae.

„Galata“ panoramic site

„Galata“ panoramic site is one of those must visit spots while in Varna. It is situated on the route to “Galata” suburb and reveals a breathtaking view to The Black Sea and the city of Varna.

Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna

In 2016 a new "Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna" with area of 2.7 ha was set apart. In partnership between the Municipality of Varna and the Port of Varna this area has been socialised and has been turned into an attractive pedestrian alley with free access for all the residents and visitors of the city. 

Traveller information

Connections from and to Varna Airport

Varna Airport (VAR) offers international flights to and from the Bulgarian Sea capital - Varna. Every year more than 2 million passengers pass through this airport in the north east of Bulgaria. Almost 70 different airlines fly to Varna, connecting the Bulgarian Sea capital with destinations all over the world. Varna Airport provides convenient direct links to 16 cities all year round and more than 120 cities seasonal.

Car parks

There are plenty of car parks available in all of Varna’s districts, where you can park cheaply and quickly get to your sightseeing destination. Find further information here: Municipal enterprise "Municipal Car Parks and Blue Zone" Telephone: +359 (0) 70 070 352

Blue Zone

In streets, squares and car parks – municipal property, in specially designated places a payment parking system “Business subscription” on business days from 9:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. is an active paid parking system “BLUE ZONE”. Municipal enterprise "Municipal Car Parks and Blue Zone" Telephone: +359 (0) 70 070 352

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