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01.05.2018г. - 31.05.2018г.

The Festival was founded in 1998 under the initiative of Yordan Popov – outstanding conductor and pedagogue of Varna. It is held annually within three days in the middle of May on a competitive basis. Originally the Festival was national, but after 1999 it developed into an international one. The main purpose of the organizers is to present the best pieces of Bulgarian and foreign pop music and to promote the composition and popularization of new songs dedicated to the sea. The children's radio competition I love you, Sea is a parallel event - co-production of the Sea and Memories IMF. Bulgarian National Radio and Radio Varna. 

With the prize for the best performance of the song on a sea theme, the festival has a strongly maritime character, which makes it unique for our city. 

Organizer: Vasil Levski1945 Public Cultural Center

For contacts

Dobrinka Dobreva - tel./fax 052/ 303 091; mob. 0888 828 122; e-mail: n4levski@mail.bg 

Yordan Popov – mob. 0888 349 800; info@morefest.com; http://www.morefest.com/

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