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Discover Varna

Varna Highlights Walk /free walking tours with professional guide/

Do you want to learn more about the Sea-capital of Bulgaria - Varna: history, sights, legends?
Be part of the free walking tours with a professional guide. They are organized from Varna Municipality in cooperation with the Union of Bulgarian Tourguides.

You can expect a lot of surprises!

Cathedral “The Assumption of Holy Mother”, a monument of Tsar Kaloyan. monument of Graf Ignatiev, Drama Theater, fountains, Ethnographic Museum, the House of architects, the Catholic Church, "Virgin Mary", Roman Thermae, Museum "History of Varna", Late Roman Thermae, City pools, Museum of Navy, Aquarium, Planetarium, "St. Archangel Michael" church, "St. Nicholaus" church, Festival and Congress center, Summer Theatre, University of economics - Varna, the garden of Sevastopol, City Art Gallery, Municipality of Varna, Archaeological Museum.

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English

Meeting point: in the Tourist Information Center /St. st. Cyril and Methodius Sq./


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Tourist Information Center - Varna

Varna 9000, St. st. Cyril and Methodius Sq.
tel.: +359 52 820 690; +359 52 820 689
e-mail: office@varnainfo.bg


Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery is the most famous medieval cave monastery on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It was inhabited by hermit monks during the XIII-...
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