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What to see

Monument to Karel Skorpil

Karel Skorpil was not only a prominent explorer, but also a man who preserved and popularized his discoveries - he established the Archeological Museum of Varna, and now his collection ranks among the best and richest in the Balkans. The bust of K. Skorpil's (now on the grounds of the Roman Thermal Baths) was made in Czechoslovakia by the sculptress Amortova and granted to Varna. The inauguration of the monument took place in the small garden in front of the open-air museum of the Roman Thermae on May 23, 1963.

GPS: 43.207188, 27.914748

Sightseeingsof Varna

Stone Forest

Stone Forest

Natural phenomenon “Stone Forest” is better known with its Bulgarian name “Pobiti kamani” which could be translated as “stones beaten into the...
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