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Market "Clock Tower"

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Type: Markets

Location: Odessos district

(052) 603-174

Market "The Clock Tower" is situated in the center of town. Varna - between "Ruse" and "Kavala" street.
In 2009. most visited by tourists market Varna change completely its image and now it meets the requirements for a central market in the European city. New tables for fruits and vegetables from a polycarboxylic structure replaced the worn stalls etc "Blue Market" has gained a new beautiful and modern appearance.
The market is composed entirely of open shelves and attracts customers with high quality and low prices offered fruits and vegetables, which for the most part are native production.
You will also find shops and stalls offering industrial and food:
• clothes / sports, jeans, casual / and accessories / hats, gloves, belts, bags, wallets, purses, school bags and more. /;
• authentic Bulgarian souvenirs;
• household goods and lifestyle;
• Shop for cosmetics and perfumery;
• kiosk for newspapers and magazines;
• TOTO point;
• fish shop / fresh and frozen; baked and fried, smoked and dried, salted and pickled fish /;
• quality copper / Bulgarian production, medicinal properties and exceptional taste /;
• boiled corn.
In the area of ​​market "clock" work area for short-term paid parking on the Street. "Ruse".

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